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Brandon Krueger
Brandon Krueger
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Kevin Mulryne

Mark is Associate Superintendent of Education Services for the Elk Grove Unified Schools District, the 5th largest School District in the State of California.

Mark was originally involved in natural resource and wildlife management. This led him to education as a great way to continue to support these areas through teaching children.

Mark Cerutti
Mark Cerutti

He taught at elementary and secondary schools and took courses in various topics including administration before taking up Principal positions at different levels for approximately 18 years as well as working in corporate educations as well.

However, K-12 has always been Mark’s passion and when a position in Elk Grove was suggested to him, he was delighted to take it up.

What are the top 3 aspects for a school administrator or team to consider when improving the culture of behaviour at a school site?

1. Start with adult behavior

What are the types of adult behavior we need to exhibit ourselves in order to be successful with kids?

It’s easy to head towards the types of behaviors we want our kids to exhibit in order to be successful but in fact it’s much more important to get the adult behaviour right first.

2. It’s essential to understand your ‘why?

Mark loves the following video from Simon Sinek which helps to explain what he means by starting with ‘why?’

Whatever initiative you are engaged in it’s essential to help everyone involved to understand why you are doing it. This leads on to how you are going to do it and finally what the programs are going to be.

3. Resources

Mark says there are a lot of resources which can be used like PBIS or, of course, the Pivotal Curriculum:

Recently, many tools have been developed which can help behavior initiatives so nowadays a school does not have to start from scratch to develop a program itself.

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